Starting at $350 Honeywell flow-through Air humidifiers

So you've decided you're interested in purchasing and installing an in-duct whole house humidifier. Maybe you're tired of refilling and cleaning those trusty portable humidifiers. Maybe you're still battling uncomfortable dry air even with portable units placed strategically throughout your home. Or maybe you're just looking for a more cost-effective, out-of-sight solution.  Humidifiers Purchase Installation Calgary.

humidifiers purchase installation calgary Steam Humidifiers

Steam humidifiers work by heating a reservoir of water to the boiling point, and the steam is allowed to vent out into your air ducts. Knight recommends opting for steam humidifiers because they are not only the most effective, they make the most efficient use of water as well. A steam unit will convert 90% of the water it uses to moisture. It also only takes what it needs from your water supply, and you get better control of your humidity level. It does us slightly more power than other types of humidifiers.

humidifiers purchase installation calgary

About Airtech

Airtech heating and cooling ltd is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company.  We’ve collected the best professionals with years of experience in their respective fields. Our technical and service team members are all certified, licensed, and capable of handling any job, large or small. Not only is the quality of our installation and service unparalleled, our support teams are also ready to provide personal assistance any time you need it.

We  offers a wide range of options to help you get equipped with reliable, top-quality, high efficiency heating and cooling.  We don’t want you to ever have to worry about not having a comfortable living environment or readily-available hot water.

The satisfaction of everyone who joins the Airtech family is our top priority, and we will strive to keep the high level of satisfaction for many years after you join.  We are constantly growing our technical and support teams in order to make sure there will always be someone to provide the personal service you deserve.

humidifiers purchase installation calgary