Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Flowers are blooming, temperatures are steadily climbing. These are all sure signs that spring is here.

There may be a few lingering rain showers, but it's still time to get your home ready for summer. Just like your summer clothes need to be dusted off and prepared for the hot days ahead, your house does, too!


Check your roof flashing, caulking, and shingles for any damage. Flashing should be sealed with approved roofing sealant. Also inspect the caulking and weatherstripping around doors and windows to ensure your home is air sealed to prevent moisture and heat from entering your home. If you need to repair the caulking or weatherstripping, we have some DIY projects to help!


Be prepared for summer temperatures by showing your air conditioner some TLC. Maintaining your air conditioner will save you money by extending the unit’s life. First check the filters; clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce efficiency.  Replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioner's energy consumption by 5% to 15%. Also keep your air conditioner evaporator coils clean. . If you have a split system, clean debris and leaves from the fan, compressor, and condenser. Also change the direction of your ceiling fan so that it spins counter clockwise. A ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4°F with no reduction in comfort.

To keep your home cool, consider limiting use of the oven, and use a microwave or an outdoor grill instead. Installing efficient lighting that needs less energy can also help keep room temperatures cooler. Only about 10% to 15% of the electricity that incandescent lights consume results in light—the rest is turned into heat. Buy energy efficient lighting like LEDs or CFLs instead!

Reference: www.energy.gov

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