Comfort you can feel. Quality you can trust.

Airtech believes in excellence. We have worked on homes for several years, and this principle has enabled us grow as a company. We continue to deliver practical, client-oriented solutions that distinguish us in the industry. Professionalism, Integrity and Excellence remain our core values.

Airtech heating and cooling ltd is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company. Our technical and service team members are all certified, licensed, and capable of handling any job- large or small. We offer a wide range of options to help you get  equipped with reliable, top-quality, high efficiency heating and cooling.  We don’t want you to ever have to worry about not having a comfortable living environment or readily-available hot water.

Our solutions are delivered with the highest possible standards and, thus, clients see us as reliable, dependable, and offering best-in-class products and services.

We are as passionate about doing the perfect home furnace installation as we are about planning and carrying out large-scale mechanical projects for our commercial clients. In order to maintain the best standards in the industry, we continue to innovate and preserve the core values that have brought out this far customers loyalty and business growth.

Mission and Vision

Commitment to you. Quality Assured

We are committed to providing the highest quality  performance in all aspects of our  services

No.1 heating and cooling service provider in the area, giving you excellent service at competitive rates

We shall become the area’s premier heating and air conditioning service provider, offering the lowest cost possible, superior installations, maintenance and repair services. Being the premier service provider does not mean being the biggest, but it does mean being the best in terms of value, customer service, employee talent and consistent, profitable growth.

Time-tested Approach

Whether it’s heating, air conditioning, duct cleaning, furnace sales and installations, service or repair, Airtech’s time-tested approach gets your job done excellently. We are constantly growing our technical and support teams in order to make sure there will always be someone to provide the personal service you deserve.

Values: Experienced leadership, excellence, trustworthiness, loyalty and pride in our professionalism and teamwork.

Success For Employees

To Provide fair compensation, security, trust, recognition and a good working atmosphere.

Success For Customers

to provide quality, competitive pricing, trust, partnership and our ability to meet client's requirements.

Success For The Community

To maintain the best standards and policy in the industry. To continue to innovate and preserve the core values that have brought us this far, for which we have gained customers loyalty and business growth.